Collaboration On Quality Improvement Initiative for Achieving Excellence in Standards of COPD Care

Introducing CONQUEST

The COllaboratioN on QUality improvement initiative for achieving Excellence in Standards of COPD care (CONQUEST) is a novel, collaborative, interventional COPD registry. It comprises an integrated quality improvement program focusing on patients (diagnosed and undiagnosed) at a modifiable and higher risk of COPD exacerbations. CONQUEST is underpinned by 4-evidence based Quality Standards developed by 11 experts internationally recognized in their field. 

CONQUEST drives long-term, targeted, patient-centred changes in COPD management. The promotion of expert and guideline-led care aims to reduce exacerbation frequency and improve health care outcomes

Quality Improvement Program

About the CONQUEST quality improvement program

A program supporting healthcare teams to identify opportunities for improved diagnosis, care and management of their COPD patients. The four quality standards have been translated into a program of activities that embed quality improvement into routine care.

Get involved in CONQUEST

Healthcare systems wishing to join the CONQUEST program must meet the minimum requirements necessary for implementation.

Available Resources

Specific resources will be available to registered healthcare systems or practices meeting the minimum requirements. These include:

  • a framework for implementation 
  • clinical decision support package
  • the CONQUEST questionnaire
  • Quality indicators for programme evaluation

If you are interested in implementing CONQUEST in your healthcare system, or wish to find out more about the program and the resources available please contact the team at


Publications and Media


Rachel Pullen, Marc Miravitlles, Anita Sharma, Dave Singh, Fernando Martinez, John R Hurst, Luis Alves, Mark Dransfield, Rongchang Chen, Shigeo Muro, Tonya Winders, Christopher Blango, Hana Muellerova, Frank Trudo, Paul Dorinsky, Marianna Alacqua, Tamsin Morris, Victoria Carter, Amy Couper, Rupert Jones, Konstantinos Kostikas, Ruth Murray, David B Price. CONQUEST Quality Standards: For the Collaboration on Quality Improvement Initiative for Achieving Excellence in Standards of COPD Care. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis 2021.


Luis Alves, Rachel Pullen, John R Hurst, Marc Miravitlles, Victoria Carter, Rongchang Chen, Amy Couper, Mark Dransfield, Alexander Evans, Antony Hardjojo, David Jones, Rupert Jones, Margee Kerr, Konstantinos Kostikas, Jonathan Marshall, Fernando Martinez, Marije van Melle, Ruth Murray, Shigeo Muro, Clementine Nordon, Michael Pollack, Chris Price, Anita Sharma, Dave Singh, Tonya Winders, David B Price. CONQUEST: A Quality Improvement Program for Defining and Optimizing Standards of Care for Modifiable High-Risk COPD PatientsPatient Relat Outcome Meas 2022.

CONQUEST Infographics

A visualisation of the CONQUEST programme, its core components and affiliated activities.

Combined CONQUEST Information Package

A package of published works, slide deck presentations and other summary materials

Speak Up for COPD

Video material aligning with the CONQUEST vision, with Professor David Price outlining COPD’s current unmet needs

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CONQUEST Network and Database

A European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance (ENCePP®) Registered Datasource (ENCEPP/DSPP/42512)

For further information on the CONQUEST quality improvement program please contact the team at:
5 Coles Lane Oakington Cambridgeshire CB24 3BA UK
CONQUEST is co-funded by Optimum Patient Care Global Limited and AstraZeneca Ltd. AstraZeneca is the sole external funder of this work.

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